17 - 20 July 2018, RAI, Amsterdam




Delasport is a betting software provider with offices in Gibraltar, Israel, and Bulgaria. The company employs over 150 highly qualified professionals from the fields of software development, IT, sports trading, marketing, finance, risk management, and customer care. Our mission is to deliver cutting-edge technology and turnkey solutions to gaming operators from all over the world.


With a number of top tier products and premium services, Delasport enables operators to launch a brand new business endeavor from scratch or to expand their current operations in the sports betting industry.


The Delasport Gaming Platforms portfolio includes a full-fledged sportsbook solution with over 35,000 events monthly of which most are available in Live, across more than 20 sports, and with hundreds of available betting markets. Furthermore, our customers can take advantage of our flagship product: an Asian sportsbook plugin which can add additional value to existing platforms which contain European interface only.

Other advanced products we can offer are white labels and а credit-based platform including its own comprehensive agent system. Each of Delasport’s products can be fully serviced technically as well as in terms of risk management, customer care, marketing, affiliation, finance, and fraud detection.