17 - 20 July 2018, RAI, Amsterdam


Alderney eGambling


Alderney has been licensing and regulating remote gambling since 1999. Respected throughout the world for its commitment to strong but pragmatic regulation Alderney hosts many of the world’s leading online gambling companies. A major Tier 1 offshore financial centre Alderney and its larger sister island Guernsey are little more than 30 minutes away from the UK and with frequent air links to Europe. An OECD white listed territory with multiple bi-lateral trade and finance agreements in place with a substantial number of countries Alderney is a respected and dependable location for international businesses. Alderney’s regulatory framework has set the benchmark for online regulation and is being replicated across the globe.

Alderney’s licensing framework separates the gambling operation into two distinct areas, i.e. the entity having a relationship with the player (B2C) and the entity effecting gambling on its gambling platform (B2B). These will now require separate licenses, so allowing the AGCC to tailor licenses to the specific focus of each gaming company. Details of the new system will be available on Alderney’s stand. The Head of E-Commerce Development Robin Le Prevost said, ‘I believe that what we have created has the ability to change the way online gambling regulation is conducted in the future. We have taken a fresh look at how the business is conducted and developed a model which sits comfortably with the varied and changing requirements of players, other jurisdictions and the industry. With our telecommunication and technical resources, a favourable tax structure and a regulatory framework for the 21st century we look forward to welcoming many more of the world’s leading operators and service providers to Alderney’.